I can’t keep up with it. Graphic designers and artists (like Beeple and Kreatez) can do it easily since its their job, but school works against my interests, eating up my time. So I’m only left with time to crank out some randomly generated snowflake thing, slap the word “art” on it, and call it a day, which is not what I want to do.

The main reason I started 1 A DAY was so I could get good at 3D, enough for me to start animating. I’ve reached this point. Now that I’m trying to launch a 3D animation series (idiots.exe) AND run a webcomic (This Is It), I get all the 3D practice I need.

Because I get all the 3D practice I need from these two things, 1 A DAY is useless now. So I’m ending it. I can really use the extra time.

This site will stay up, now under the name of NOT A PORTFOLIO. The original posts will stay up as well. Maybe every now and then I’ll put out some 3D thing I made. But daily updates are no more.

1 A DAY had a good run of almost a year, but now the skills I gain from it are starting to plateau, so it’s time to move on…

Thank you for sticking around this far, if you have.



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